Is it bad that I dont like people?

   I get a lot of shit at school. I’m not the nicest person…maybe thats why…But, anyways, people are just generally mean. Today, I’m in class, and I hear this coming from the seat next to me. “Haha, his head is shaped like a mushroom!” Me: “Are you talking about Jonathan*? (who is like, the nicest person ever to walk the face of the 8th grade floor…)” George*: “Mhm. Don’t you think so?” Me:”How about we NOT be a bitch today….” Like, Jonathan is really nice, he doesn’t deserve to be made fun of. Anyway, I’m talking to one of my friends, and she says she got stopped in the hall today by this group of girls who started making fun of her. I feel so bad for her. Shes so sweet, and innocent. 

   Anyway, I probably sound hella self absorbed now…I know people are assholes outside of my little school bubble. The whole thing in Syria right now…and people bombing marathons, and shooting 1st and 2nd graders. Its bothers me. So, I guess I have trust issues? Maybe. I just don’t like *a lot* of people. I might tolerate you. You: “Whoopee…..”


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