Why cant she have any privacy????

So Rose just called me. Like 2 seconds ago. She was crying. Her brothers gf saw her smoking cigarettes. Shes like, omg, your only 13, its gonna mess up your life. I’m gonna tell your brother, I wont tell your mom though. Rose was so upset. She took away all her cigarettes, that’s Roses only way of coping. She said she would call me back, shes gonna go for a bit. I told her I loved her, and not to do anything drastic. She said OK, and hung up. If she kills herself, I’m going to bring her back to life, kill her, and bring her back to life again. I love her so much, I don’t want her to do anything.


After Rose and I bought the weed, she went on amazon and bought a scale. Her brother opened her door, and was like OMG WHAT IS THIS FOR. He clearly knows, since he is such a fucking pothead. Later on, he told her Mom/their Mom. They went through her room, and found

  1. Her weed
  2. 3 packs of her cigs (she had 2 packs left)
  3. Her scale
  4. Her crusher
  5. Her rolling paper
  6. Her lighter.

And her bro still has her weed. -.- So now her mom wont give her any privacy. Yesterday, her mom is like can I have some money, I want to have us go get our nails done. Rose is like, I don’t have any money, it’s not like I walk the streets all day and am rich. Her mom says, Yea, you’re not a prostitute. Drug dealer is more like it. WTF!!!!!!!!! OMG I hate her mom. Even more than I hate my mom. So yea. Now she’s pissed. And I’m afraid shes going to do something…drastic.


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