Day: 1

Day 1 going without cutting. I cut for the first time in like 1 1/2 months 2 days ago. Damn. My trigger: A concert. I felt so at home, with so many people who dressed, acted, felt, and knew (?) like me. Then, I came home. To my parents. Enough said….

It burns. It itches. I used glass this time. I slammed my door, bumped into my lamp, and it smashed. Glass is still on the floor. Too lazy to clean it up. Or maybe, I dont want to forget? Forget how mad I was at my parents? Forget how….just how I felt? I bled a lot. I wiped it up, more came out.

What happens if someone at school sees? What do I say? My (extremely organized-as my therapist says-) cat got mad at me? If only everyone wasnt that stupid. I want to stop, but what else do I do?


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