Notes on coping.

As long as your not harming others, or yourself fataly, I think its fine/ok/tolerable(?). Cause, I cut. And, its my way of dealing with shit that happens. Im not recomending it, just saying Im not asdlf;kjas;dfjasdlf OMG YOU CUT BAD NU LSDAFJ;SDFL. Cause it gets annoying. But, here are some more, for lack of a better word, productive coping ways.

  • Go for a run. Or a bike. Anything to get exercise/fresh air. It does help. Plus, if you cut, it gets you away from a razor/knife/scissors/needle/tool(?)
  • Get scared. Watch a scary movie. It takes your mind off stuff, plus, for me, it just freaks me out and like, idk, makes me feel better.
  • Sleep. Yes, ik this isnt productive. Neither is being scared. But whatever. Sleeping is like taking a numbing agent for a toothache. It doesnt fix it, but it makes it bearable…for a bit. 
  • Yell. Yell at your parents, friends, people, just get that anger out. But, make sure your friends know you dont hate them. You just need to vent. Tell that to your parents, too. 

Yea, so I hope this helps….it may/may not, but whatev. 

Love ya, sarah. ❤


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