Notes on “Drugs”

First of all, Click here babe!

and here, for the pipe I use. 

So, I was talking to someone. They dont consider weed a drug. Dont treat it like one. I completely agree <3. But, everyday, my friends who know I smoke tell me, omg I wish you didnt smoke, It will ruin your life, blah blah blah. If I dont, I feel like my life will be ruined. I cant stand my parents. And that hour of happy-ness, laughing, pure joy, is totally worth the crash afterward. I love the high. I dont think I am addicted, but, I really just need to get out sometime. Just, get away from everyones shit. In 6th period, I am made fun of for who I go out with, how I look like a dog, and am sad because Im pathetic and ugly. If I can get high at lunch, I dont care anymore. That kid is as big as a grain of salt. The stupid pattern on the carpet makes me laugh, how my teacher painted a picture of herself (shes black) and she looks reallyyyyyy white in the painting (and she says shes an amazing artist) (this isnt racist, btw. I love you black ppl <3) makes me laugh uncontrolably. And my boyfriend looking at me, shaking his head, and saying dont follow the idiot and get high again (the idiot being rose) makes me laugh. That kid, he doesnt matter. 


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