Day: 7

Its been a while since I have cut. Is that good? Or are things just being bottled up? Are things getting better? Not at home. School maybe.

Im not used to seeing my legs so…bare? I suppose? Usually, they are red, and there are criss crosses of scars on my ankles. They are starting to heal. But, it itches. At least the stinging is gone.

I wonder when I will cut again. I try not to too much, Im not that sure why. But, Im pretty sure I will cut again. Its like I always do. I dont think it bothers me. Just, the time it takes to cover things up. I have two choices in the morning. Wear long pants, or shorts with an ace bandage. Do people judge me if they see it? Yes. Do I care? Yes. Do I regret the cuts? No.

If you cut, how long has it been? Even if your not trying to stop, how long have you gone? Its always a step forward if you’ve gone even an hour. <333


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