“Why are you even alive?”

Ive gone about…idk…a month without a comment about why am I alive, I should kill myself, go die…and today, that ended. Wee. Im at this group, and Im talking to these two boys. Then, one of them is like, omg, your so ugly, Why are you even alive. And I say….cause I was born. 

It just kind of hit me. When people say this to me on a daily basis, I live with it. Sometimes I believe them, sometimes I dont. But, this hasnt happened in a while. So, I thought, maybe Im getting better? Maybe people like me? And then, bam…I just kind of, spaced out, and thought, back to square one. So, yea. That was my night.


One thought on ““Why are you even alive?”

  1. That does not mean back to square one, it means you were shaken a little. Anyone that would say things to you like that is not really looking at you, they are just talking. You are on this earth for a reason. You need to stand up and be proud of yourself. No one else can determine your worth.

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