Your comments <333

Good comments come at good times.

My mom was yelling at me today. For shit about school. Sometimes, she has this way of talking. Its not really yelling, but its dissapointment. Other times, Its like she hates me. Ya know, when people at school/work dont like you, and they are sarcastic, mean, annoying? Its like that. Her tone of voice, its like, she hates me. Like, Im not even her daughter anymore. It makes me feel like shit. Anyway, I was checking my email, while this was going on. I felt like shit, and then, I came across some comments. They were so nice, people were telling me to keep on staying strong, and try not to let people get to me. How people cant choose my worth. It made me so happy, even if my mom hates me, there are other people who care. I started crying, thats how much you guys mean to me. Thank you so much, for your support & love!! <3333 Totally made my day ❤


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