They found out….

So, yea. My mom found I I do drugs. Im not going to go into how, but I didnt tell her. She wasnt mad. I was waiting for it to sink in, and her to yell at me. “YOU A HORRIBLE KID. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS??? I CANT BELIEVE YOU, I HATE YOU.” But she didnt. I dont know why. But, my dad doesnt know yet. Im afraid he will be like that. I cried so much. She cried. 

She says Im a “troubled kid, that I was sad & depressed.” She doesnt want me to smoke anymore. I told her I understand, that Im sorry, and I wont smoke. 

That was all a lie. I dont understand. It wont mess up my brain. It helps me, when nothing else will. Im not sorry. Im sorry she found out, but not for smoking. I will smoke. Until I find something different, Im going to smoke, to blog, to scream, to yell, to run, to swim away, 

So yea. Thats what happened last night. Any advice? Im not sure on what, but if you smoke and your parents find out, how did they react? 


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