Hey. You, my friend, are my diary. This is the first website where I’m going to be myself. I have countless blogs, game accounts, stories, where I am anyone but a 13 year old girl, named Sarah, who is really strange. I’m going to give you some background on me:

  • I have a *I’d like to call it minor* cutting problem, on my ankles.
  • I am an occasional drug user, along with my not-so-occasional-I-smoke-every-other-day friend named…uhm…lets call her…Rose.
  • I am 13.
  • I live in the cold, barren wasteland of Connecticut.
  • I absolutely, positively, hate my mother. *75% of the time….*
  • I am on 20mg of Prozac, an antidepressant.
  • I am bisexual. Read the page called “My Sexuality” for more on that 🙂

So, yea. I wont censor myself. I will try to help anyone who is dealing with anything. But this blog is kind of for me. Like, just to admit some stuff. <3.



One thought on “About

  1. I was gonna make fun of you, for being Bi…..
    Mostly, because I realized now I have a smaller chance if I ever fell in love with you, because now I have to worry about the girls too O_O
    (Not like that would ever happen, I think it would be weird since I’m almost 16, and you’re 13.)
    (Also wouldnt happen since you dont even know me ._. )
    But I did think you were cute, for a 13 year old, so Im not like making fun of you or anything.
    Anyways long story short:
    1. I feel bad now after watching ur vid, if its true.
    2. I just said one of the most pervert-ish things to someone Idk

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