Bi vs. Pan vs. Gay


Bisexual means two sexes. So, your sexually atracted to both genders. This is what I am. I am a girl. I find girls, well….the same as guys. They are hot. Not all. And, just because Im a girl, who likes girls, doesnt mean I like EVERY girl. If you are straight, do you find every guy you see atractive? I didnt think so XD. So, I only like some girls. And some guys. Cause, guys are hot, too.


When you like someone, regardless of gender. Like, yea, you can think people are hot, but gender doesnt matter. Its their personality. So you can love either gender, you dont prefer one or the other. Like, ok, yea, she has boobs, or he has a dick, but thats like, a plus to the relationship. Not a requirement.


Now, I use this to define girls and guys. Not just guys. But, if you would like to be technical, call yourself a lesbian if your a girl. Anyway, gay is when you like the opposite gender. Only the opposite gender. Like, maybe your emotionally atracted to the person, but not physically. But yea. If your a girl, its boobs boobs boobs. A guy, dick dick dick. 


Do this for fun, or seriously. It is a quiz I made, to help you if your a little confused. But remember, your sexuality isnt for other people to decide. Its for you to figure out what you are comfortable with. And you dont have to tell people. You can if you want, but its not a acquirement. Closets are fun. Its a protective shell, which you can poke your head out slowly like a turtle, or move out alltogether like a snail ❤


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