I have 1. Sunny. Cause her personality is so….ya know how you look up at the sun and your eyes hurt? Like, it makes your eyes close? I think thats what she does. She closes her eyes. (where is Sarah going with this…) Shes innocent. Shes perfect, not goody two shoes, but funny, slow, smart, and crazy, all at once. Shes a perfect therapist.

Sunny-I’ve known her since 6th grade, we’ve been bffls since middle of 7th. She has blonde hair, and is so crayyyyyy-zeeeeeeeeee. But not the bad crazy. The fun, exited, I-love-you-so-much, only Sunny could be like this crazy. She makes me happy when Im sad. And I do the same for her.


Well, bye for now. *hopefully* There will be more additions to this page…later…..


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